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Your IP does not appear to be protected. If you do not have a VPN, you need one! Someone is recording this IP and tracking all your Internet activities.

This browser does not use Wifi Triangulation. A VPN can hide this location.


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About Browser Threats

Try this page out on every browser you use so you can see the behavior of each. Test it out also on mobile as well as on a computer.

The first thing to note is the "fingerprint". As you rerun the test over and over, you can check if the fingerprint stays the same. Even when you log out, clear cookies, go to incognito mode, it may haunt you with a fixed fingerprint. Sometimes the fingerprint can be stored in a cookie, sometimes it is stored on the server of the ad company. But also note that the fingerprint cannot be maintained when you change browsers. This is why I encourage a technique I call Browser Isolation.

For this test, allow Geolocation on each browser. Compare each browser's ability to geolocate you using Wifi Triangulation. You will discover that only TOR blocks geolocation. Be aware too that on some browsers you may not get asked again after giving your information once. This will teach you to turn location off.

Next note your IP address info. For the purposes of this test, we do not do any reverse IP lookup which can identify your location based on sold aggregated databases. The physical address for your IP is matched to your ISP's location. Thus, the reality is more dangerous than what is shown here. Don't be cavalier about the fact that it doesn't show your exact location. At the moment, purchased databases will point you out typically within 100 feet. The takeaway here is to use a VPN.

Observe the behavior of the IP address location when you use a TOR browser and see what is known about you. That will be the same with a TOR browser or TOR Router.

Finally, the last test has to do with Autofill. If autofill is turned on, this test will show you a vulnerability (tested only on Chrome and Firefox). Select your name if you have autofill on and see what happens. Does extra information leak? Perhaps you should disable Autofill.