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Gentle Shepherd Fellowship
Welcome! To Gentle shepherd fellowship Church. !!!The Place of Blessing!!!! We are locate at 2905 Buildahl St Rockford IL 61108 Church phone number 815-399-7283
Cary D Snyder
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Cary Snyder's PUBLIC Blog
Snips of internal goodness!
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Chat with SpiritGamer
Chat with me! Join and look for my private chat message
Co-OP Workroom
An Anti-LoserThink Mindset Sanctuary of Awesome ideas
DTE Energy TV
Broadcast Demonstration for DTE
Embedded, SW, and HW Job Blog
senior level embedded, sw, and hw engineers
KBRX Livestream
Watch Brax.Me broadcast channels! We have live streaming (audio or video). Anyone can broadcast. Internet safe site. No profiling.
LinkedIn STEM Workgroup
STEM Volunteers who want to do more!
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Motorsportsbazar News
Motorsportsbazar News
Pastora Cate's Community
@PastoraC on Brax.Me!
PoWA Car
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Rob Braxman Blog
Cybersecurity Expert, Jazz Musican, Broadcaster
SiliconValley Mentors
Mentorship Training
SiliconValley Website
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Tech Worker Assistance
The TechsUnite.US community is marshalling the resources to help its Co-OP members in everyway possible!
Tech Worker Forum
Read and comment on the latest news
TechsUnite Volunteers
An ARMY of ANTZ can't be stopped or Silenced!
Organizing US Tech Worker Co-OP
TechsUnite.US Primary Webpage
US Graduates Unite!
The place for organizing 4 jobs!
Worker Media Room
The Media Room in the TechsUnite Co-OP serves the dual-purpose of requesting specific TechWorker information and the place to offer Media-related mentorship
The BIG TENT of Unification
WorkersUnite.US Home
WorkersUnite.US Home